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To cater to the varied needs of the business houses, we manufacture premium quality PP woven fabrics for ensuring safety and preventing spillage and pilferage of the products.

The PP woven fabrics manufactured by us are lighter than the conventional jute woven fabrics. But, these are incredibly strong and sturdy for keeping your valued products safe in transit and storage as well.

PP woven fabrics are produced by us in compliance with the relevant standards, and these offer you a clean and sustainable packaging solution, as these are inert to chemicals and moisture. Thus, you are relieved from the headache of fungus infestation. Available as plain or with liners, the PP woven fabrics are the smartest option for bale wrapping and packing of metal parts, pipes, and various other industrial items.


  • Tabular (Circular) Fabric: Used for manufacturing PP Woven Bags of different sizes and also for odd size packaging requirements.
  • Flat Fabric: Packaging and wrapping of wide range of products.

Made from quality raw material, the tubular rolls of PP woven fabrics have many other uses as well. These can be used for making unique ground covers, furniture covers, sheets, kitchen tops, tarpaulins etc using automatic cutting and stitching machine.

Our Technical specification of the product is as below:

  • GSM: 50 to 220 GSM, or above as per customer's requirement.
  • Size: From 15 to 56 inches, or as per customer's requirement
  • Roll Length: As per requirement of the customer
  • Colors: As per requirement of the customer
  • Printing: Up to 4 Colors (on one or both sides of the bag)
  • Packing: Rolls up to 10000 meters, or as per requirement of the customer
  • Liner: optional PE lining can be given if desired by customer
  • Laminated/Coating : Can be done on inside or outside as per customer's requirement
  • UV Stabilization: As per customer's requirement.
  • Perforation: As per customer's requirement.

Unique features

Using our PP woven fabrics you are sure to enjoy

  • High tensile strength
  • Low elongation
  • Extreme durability
  • Wear resistance
  • Inert to chemicals and moisture